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San Antonio Texas

san antonio city informationSan Antonio is often thought of as one of America's most unique cities, and it's easy to see why. The city's history is rich and full, featuring cultural influences from Mexico, Spain, Germany and the American south.

Spanish missionaries founded the city in the early 1700s. The city survived wars and revolutions until Texas joined the United States in 1845. A large influx of German settlers around that time added a new element of culture to an already diverse city. From then on, San Antonio has seen steady growth to become one of the ten largest cities in the United States, and third largest in Texas.

The major economic engines in San Antonio are tourism, education, a large and stable military presence and medical research facilities. Millions of people flock to San Antonio each year to explore the historic Spanish missions, the Alamo or just to enjoy the warm climate and many outdoor activities. These visitors have created a vibrant tourism industry, with many hotels, museums, restaurants and an international airport with more than 100 flights a day. Downtown San Antonio features a traditional Mexican market in Market Square, and a unique arts and crafts community called La Villita.

san antonio local infoThere are more than 10 universities and colleges in San Antonio, as well as a large medical research community. The influx of young people from all over America to attend school here means that the city can still feel young while maintaining its status as a favored retirement spot. There are several major military bases in and around the city of San Antonio, drawing many more people from all over the country to this unique city.

A major event in San Antonio each year is the Fiesta San Antonio. Generally held in April, the 10-day Fiesta features more than 150 events, such as fireworks, carnivals, ethnic feasts and parades. The Fiesta started in 1891 as a celebration of Texas heroes, and has since grown to honor all the people and cultures that have made San Antonio unique. Fiesta draws more than three million visitors annually from within the city and around the world.

From Spanish mission town to military headquarters and from sheep station to educational center, San Antonio has enjoyed a rich and diverse heritage. And with traditional Texas hospitality, it shares that heritage with millions of visitors each year.


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